RoffB Schleifmaschine Band für Ski und Board, 400V, LM18BSG

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Art.Nr.:  35-001-000
Gewicht:   318.0000 KG
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Schleifmaschine Band für Ski und Snowboard, 400V
LM18BSG R50 Active

Kleine kompakte Nass-Band Schleifmaschine zum
Schleifen von Ski`s und Snowborad
incl. Seitenkanten Schleifgerät
- einfache Handhabung
- technisch ausgereifte Qualität

Band Schleifmaschine für Ski und Snowboard
Band Motor: Kw2,2/1,5 -RPM 1400 / 2800
zwei Geschwindigkeiten: 8,6 - 17,2 MT/S
Seitenkanten-Motor: Kw 0,37 - 18MT/S
Wasserpumpe: Kw 0,45
Bandgröße: 2000 x 350mm
Bandgröße Seitenkante: 1200 x 20mm
Wassertank: 38 Liter
Volt: 3x230/400V - 50/60Hz
          1x230V - 50/60Hz
Total Spannung: 3,00Kw
Maschinenabmessung: b/l/h mm 860bx1290lx990h
Gewicht Maschine: 318kg


LM18BSG -Sander machine for Ski and Snowboards
with side edge unit [Machines]
LM18 BSG - R50 Active-BSG - has been developed
to fulfil the requirements of the most particular
of skiers and snowboarders.
Equipped with a 2 speed belt which gives excellent
preparation and finish.
The double supporting roller on the edge sharpening
unit provides a firm base for edge sharpening.
The roller can be adjusted to various edge angles.
OPTIONAL EXTRA: GAF17L Inline side edge sharpeningunit
It is equipped with a contact roller, 300 mm.
in diameter ,with belt dimensions of 2000x350mm,
which makes it possible to achieve a first quality
lapping. This new model works wet with a closed
water circuit through a pump. The tank is extractable
and has a filter to hold back wastes.
Equipped with the side edge sharpener.
Tecnical date:
MOTORS: KW 2,2/1,5 230/400 V 50/60 Hz
KW 0,37 230/400 V 50/60 Hz
WATER PUMP: 230/400 V 50/60 Hz - Kw 0,45
BELT DIMENSIONS: 2000x350 mm
1200x20 mm
VOLTAGE: 3x230/400 V 50/60 Hz - 1x230 V 50/60 Hz
WEIGHT: 320 Kg
MEASURES: 1130x1100x1000H mm
Abrasive belts
Emulsifying oil
Cork belt for finishing

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